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WX in Porto/LPPR-OPO




HamSphere with M3ARB

Andy - London - UK

Learning SSTV with M3ARB

DSSTV specialist M3ARB

M3ARB with 31HS310

HS4 SSTV Repeater




10125kHz, Antibes, FRANCE

Lat: 55.429500

Long: 13.820000

Grid: JO65vk - FRANCE


31HS310 Azimuthal Maps


Vila Nova de Gaia

Porto District (IN51QD)



Broadcasting on HamSphere – BC 48 meters band

BC Band on HamSphere

48 m: 6201-6296 kHz (BC Broadcast band. The only band where music is allowed)


While following the HamSphere band plan within the BC band or 48 meters, 6201 kHz -6296 kHz, it is possible to listen and to even create some projects of broadcasting transmission interest. The BC band can be a good band to get away from QSO’s while only listening to live and pre-loaded broadcast stations. Users can also experience performing as a DJ (Disc Jockeys) while following this suggestion it has been lately observing on HamSphere 3.0  an increase of interest by some operators to put on the air some of their own broadcasting projects/material with a lot of creativity.

I would like to point out here about the project of our friend Steve Miller from Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA with the call sign KC3AZT (ex: 2HS1434). Steve has been “experimenting” with such broadcast over the year 2012 or so on 6225 kHz with his “DX POWER HOUR OF MUSIC SHOW”. Steve have found it to be very rewarding as he was continuously trying to achieve that perfect sound while at the same time have been slowly building dedicated listeners. While interviewing Steve he stated,” I see this as a great opportunity in which broadcasting your very own show is very seldom exercised on HamSphere, and I am always looking for interested operators who would like to give it a go”. Then added, “The basis of this group is for HamSphere operators only who have the love for either listening or transmitting your very own broadcast show on HamSphere in the BC Band…. As our group grows, I am looking forward to helping you set up your broadcast station! Remember it’s all in the name of having fun while getting others interested and involved”.

Another nice good point to make about the BC band on HamSphere was the first of its kind broadcast from our friend Darren located in the UK with the call sign M6LPD. Darren shared the same frequency of 6225 kHz on HamSphere 3.0 and his material consisted of the popular series show “HAM NATION”. Ham Nation started on the Twit Network just over a few years ago which has grown in popularity and is now one of Twit’s top shows. Hosted by Bob Heil, K9EID… (Yes Bob Heil of Heil sound), Gordon West, WB6NOA and George Thomas, W5JDX. Staring various co-hosts and guests the show covers all aspects of the world of Ham Radio.

Following Steve and Darren a few more operators like: TI2SSO – Sal in Costa Rica; F0DUW – Frank in Paris France, 26HS511 – Dave in UK and a few others was made the first steps on this particular band with their own transmissions and creativity.

With these examples in mind I feel that they will open new future horizons for HamSphere and all interested operators. Steve, Darren , Sal, Frank, Dave and a few other operators continuously give inspiration for those who would also like and wish to explore different formats of either rebroadcasting censored material including running your very own Disc Jockey show! It is a different aspect or format of radio communications, or one could say a hobby within a hobby. While it is a little different than the usual QSO on the HamSphere bands it is at the same time a great new world to explore on the HamSphere program.

In conclusion I would like at this time to inform you that Steve, KC3AZT (ex: 2HS1434), provides to all HamSphere users a group page which can found on the social network program FaceBook simply called “HamSphere DJin In The BC Band”.  With the words in mind,” Serious inquires only”, Steve will basically interview you with one or two questions as to why you would like to join. After you are added you then can read up on all informative material which will help you achieve building your broadcast station. The group also contains an organized file of past and upcoming broadcast shows with time and frequency information to assist in keeping the BC Band clean and organized for the future of independent new broadcasting stations. We look forward with your interest in participating in this new unexplored concept while at the same time helping and sharing your experiences with other broadcasters. I feel this is a real serious and one of a kind invitation to produce and broadcast your very own show while at the same time expressing your work and exploring this new beautiful world of the radio broadcasting within the BC Band on HamSphere.

On the new HamSphere 4.0 now its possible to have a BC account to explore more seriously the BC 48 meters band, looking also at the real propagation conditions and giving to us a very nice tools to explore a little better this particular kind of transmissions, with special antenas and plugins. If you are interested to became a broadcaster on 48 meters, and about the BC account on HS 4.0 please contact the HamSphere Support.

I wish for good luck to all in the future hoping that the BC Band can be a good open door to new fresh creative work and for those who really love and like to make good radio.

73 de Luis 31HS310



 My first copy of The DX Power Hour of Music from Steve 2HS1434 (now. KC3AZT) on HamSphere 3.0 – 6225 KHz

First copy from Eiffel Tower Radio on HamSphere 4.0 – 6270 KHz

First copy from “The World Broadcast Station” – Pirate station on HamSphere 4.0

World Classics (from Central America) – 6205 KHz


a few QSL´s received from stations that also made ​​their own broadcasts and first experiences on HamSphere BC 48 meters, and from Broadcasting Stations on the actual HS4 – 48 meters BC band




HS 4.0 Broadcasting Stations all over the world

BC Stations on 48 meters BC band (09 Nov. 2018 by 13HS575)

 BC Stations on 48 meters BC band ( on September 2017)

(* not active stations)



SINPO – SIO codes (used on SWL reception reports)


HamSphere DJin In The BC Band FB Group

HS 4.0 SWL 48M Team


The Offshore Radio Guide

Offshore Radio Live

The Broadcasting Fleet

The Offshore Radio Archive

Offshore Radio Wikipedia

Radio Caroline  -  Radio Mi Amigo  -  Radio 227

The Voice of Peace  – Radio Caroline 259 Gold


Radios from Portugal – Portugal On The Air

RDP Internacional


VOACAP HFBC – Professional


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